The Chicago Cubs have a new general manager, Theo Epstein.  This is widely heralded as a great signing, and I concur.  Theo is smart, confident and is putting together what should be a great front office staff for the Cubs.  I believe he’s going to make  great difference in how the team is run on the baseball side.  Knowledge, organization, well-rounded and informed decision-making.  There’s going to be a new way of thinking at Wrigley Field.

Hope springs eternal, of course, in Cubdom.  That’s me (Mr. Glass-57%-Full), my mindset as a person and as a Cubs fan.  I believe.  Theo is not a savior, but I’m fully following right now.

Even with these changes, it’s going to take some time.  The Cubs have not been to the World Series in my lifetime.  They last went in 1945.  My favorite t-shirt says:  Chicago Cubs, World Champions.  Around a big 1908….

One issue I have:  My language brain, influenced by high school and college German, says it should be ep-stine.  I’m starting getting used to ep-steen.  I will adapt.  It’s a new way of thinking.

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One Response to Theo

  1. John Johnson says:

    The “steen” pronounciation is more old world, “stine” is far more common in the West.
    Either is technically correct unless a clear family preference is indicated. Think of….
    Brian of the Beatles and the curmudgeon Ben, both on record as “stine” guys. The
    real conundrum has got to be the Cubs reliever with the missing vowels.

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