A friend and fantasy baseball leaguemate (we can be both!) asked me where I find information about baseball minor league prospects.  I have about five sources I prefer for prospect perspectives.  The two I like most are Baseball America and Keith Law of ESPN.  I also like Baseball Prospectus, Minor League Baseball and  I’ve provided some notes below.  Now you know some of my secrets….  😉

Baseball America
So good, even MLB teams buy copies of their annual prospects book, which has write-ups on their top 30 for each team.  Online they provide a list of their Top 10 for free, with the write-ups and a team chat available to subscribers.  They’ve finished posting their 2012 NL lists and started the AL teams.  Go to this page and click on the team logo for the free Top 10 list.  The 2012 Baseball America Prospect Handbook can be ordered from their website and other booksellers.

Keith Law/ESPN
“Klaw” hasn’t published his 2012 lists yet.  And they are only available to ESPN “Insider” subscribers.  He previously wrote for Baseball Prospectus and worked for over four years in the Toronto Blue Jays front office.  There are stories that he interviewed with the Astros’ new GM regarding several possible positions in the front office.  Here is his blog home at ESPN.

Baseball Prospectus
You can see the list for free but only subscribers can read the write-ups.  They’ve got eight done so far, starting from the worst record the previous season.  Their prospect maven, Kevin Goldstein, has been doing prospects for a long time.  He started with his own site and then was hired at several other places.  BP’s lists can be found here.

Minor League Ball/John Sickels
John Sickels has also been doing prospect lists for a long time.  You kind of have to hunt through/search for the lists; he puts a couple up every week.  There are also periodic articles by other prospect hounds and a lot of good discussion about prospects on the site, which is here.  He also publishes his own annual prospect book. is the official site of Minor League Baseball.  Led by the work of Jonathan Mayo, it puts out a nice Top 50 list and team and position Top 10s.  Lists for 2012 are not up yet.

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2 Responses to Prospecting

  1. heyelander says:

    I like this for a compilation of top prospects (not by team). It hasn’t yet been updated for 2012 though…

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