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An Oak and a Reed Were Arguing…

At work we usually receive a weekly e-mail with a quotation or saying to remind us of our mission and values and motivate us to live those out.  This is fine.  I usually find the words to be useful, often … Continue reading

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From Z to A

“Big Z” is gone.  The Chicago Cubs have traded Carlos Zambrano to the Miami Marlins for another starting pitcher, Chris Volstad, and will pay 15 of the remaining $18 million on Zambrano’s contract. I always liked Carlos Zambrano for his … Continue reading

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Midweek Baseball Popourri

Here are some random thoughts on the first Wednesday of the year…. You know you think about baseball too much when you see a headline like this (on Twitter) and wonder, “What?!” NPR News:  Number Of Twins Soars As Older … Continue reading

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