Being left-handed often means having or taking a different view of things.  Partly because most people are right-handed.  Partly because leftyness is sometimes given a negative connotation (a left-handed compliment, out in left field, leftist, leftovers…).  In baseball, being a “crafty lefty” is actually a left-handed compliment.

A “situational lefty” in baseball is a pitcher who comes in to the game at some point for a specific purpose, generally to get out a left-handed batter (because, presumably, one is probably not as good against most right-handed batters).

I am left-handed.  I’m proud of it.  Lefties notice lefties, by the way.  Right?

In this blog I will write mostly about baseball, and particularly fantasy baseball.  I will not write about all of the game, or only about the sport.  I will choose to write about specific [pause] situations.  I will also periodically write about other, non-baseball [pause again] situations.

I do, sometimes, take a different view of things.  I like to.  I am a lefty.

I hope you find it all, of course, even-handed.


Left to right in the banner:  Billy Williams, Michelangelo, Jim Henson, Lefty Grove, Joan of Arc, Jimi Hendrix, John Franco

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